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Can a nerdy girl turn a player into a one-woman man?  

   Here's the Blurb:

  I’m a player. A ladies’ man. Seduction is my specialty. Luring women into my bed is easy peasy. None of them can resist me. It’s not their fault. I am irresistible. They all want me. Every last one of them.

   Until I meet Liz.  

   I made a life-changing decision the day I took a detour to visit my mother. You see, Liz works for my mom, and I have to go through Liz to get to my mother. The thing is, I find myself drawn to Liz. Even though she’s not my type. She’s different than the others. Her quiet beauty and inner strength call to me.

   But Liz doesn’t want me back. She despises me on sight. My charm won’t work on her. My good looks don’t seduce her. She’s immune to me.

   And I can’t stand it. Why won’t she give me a chance? How can she judge me without even knowing me? So I try a different tactic. Just friends.

   It throws her off and now she’s falling right into my carefully laid trap. She’s letting down her guard, little by little. Except, I’m the one who gets snared. I’m the one who falls.

   Now I have to figure out how to show her that I can be a one-woman man, and she’s the only one I want.

   But I soon have a much bigger problem than winning Liz over. 

   A cunning mastermind who will stop at nothing to see me dead--and steal my girl.


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