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Welcome readers! Thank you for visiting my site. Autumn has slipped in, bringing shorter days and colder nights, and the Dregs series is now complete! Grab your blanket and cuddle up with Luke's story, which is now live on Amazon! Get your copy here:  ENFORCER

Can Luke overcome The Controller's pull and find true love?  



   Here's the Blurb:

Damaged. Broken. 

Those are words I never thought I would associate with myself. 

But that was before The Controller got a hold of me. 

Now I’m a mere shell of the man I once was. I’m fighting an uphill battle, desperately trying to recover from The Controller’s pull over me. Trying to heal

It’s been four months since the dregs all moved to Idaho. My dreg brothers all have normal lives now. Women who love them. Families. A purpose

Not me. I’m more alone now than I’ve ever been. I ignore everyone’s text messages and their phone calls. I stay hidden from the world, living in a small cabin back in the woods. I don’t want them to see me this way. 

One night, the loneliness finally gets to be too much. I crave a woman’s warm body and a physical release to help me cope. So I head out in search of a willing female who might keep me company for a few hours. 

The gorgeous and sexy bartender at the Northern Pike is just what I need. I have no way of knowing that she will bring nothing but danger and upheaval into my life. That she will turn my world completely upside down. Or that she might be the only thing that can heal me.

But by the time I figure all of that out, it’s too late. 

The Controller is back. 

And this time, he has no intention of letting me go.


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