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Welcome readers! Thank you for visiting my site. I am trying something new for awhile. Currently, all of my titles are enrolled in KDP Select (except for Stolen, which is free on all platforms), which means they are only available on Amazon. I also had requests for paperback copies, so I am currently working on that as well. The Dregs series is now available in both e-book and paperback format, and in the near future, all my other titles will be available in paperback, as well.   


WIP Update: I am currently working on The Trainer, Logan's story, which is the fifth book in the Dregs series. I am anticipating a January 1, 2019 (or sooner) release date. 


October 15, 2018:  I'm pleased to announce The Smuggler is now live on Amazon! You can download your copy here:                                                                                       



     As a soldier, that was the thing I dreaded most. Being discharged. War, fighting, and killing were my life. What I did best.

    But now I’d been discharged. My physical injuries were minuscule. But my mental injuries were severe. PTSD. That’s what they said. I was messed up inside. Loco. So now I am a dreg. With nothing to do. No purpose in life. I will waste away like this. I need action. I need violence. I need war.

    I find all of that when a gorgeous redhead tricks me. She’s a bounty hunter. How did I not see that one coming? Now I am a captive. Chained like a beast. I will escape. I will get revenge and make her pay. I will get the violence I crave.

    Then she frees me. And the tables turn. Now I’m in charge. She’s my prisoner. I can’t lose this battle. I won’t let her win. Because losing means she’s taken something from me, something I don’t want to admit I even had to begin with.  

    A heart.  


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  Violence has been a part of my life since my early teens. But I’m a peacemaker at heart. I fix things. I heal the wounded. 

  Being a dreg means I’ve spent most of my life as a prisoner, a soldier for The Company doing despicable things. I can’t change the past or what I’ve done. But I can control who I am today.  

   I’ve always followed the rules. Always. Until the one time I didn’t.  

   I gave my phone number to a complete stranger. I broke a rule that would prove detrimental to my safety and the safety of my dreg brothers. I thought I was just helping a woman in need. I didn’t even consider the consequences of that action.  

   And now the dominoes are falling, one by one…  

   For her, I would break the rules. For her, I wanted to be a hero. To change the world. But being a hero comes at a cost.  

   Am I willing to risk it all for a woman who could ruin me and everything I believe in? 





  My dreg name is The Fighter. I’m an expert in mixed martial arts. I had to betray my dreg brothers to protect my child. I’m a traitor now. An outsider. So I keep my distance from them. Hiding in the shadows. 

  But I have more important things to worry about than trying to win back their trust. I have a five-year-old kid to take care of now. She scares the hell out of me. I don’t know the slightest thing about kids. I need a nanny to care for my daughter. So I place an ad and hope that someone will reply. 

  The woman who responds is not what I expect. She’s young and gorgeous and way out of my league. But she’ll have to do, since I have no one else. I try not to want her. I try to keep my distance. But she is pure temptation. And I’m falling under her spell. 

  She doesn’t know that working for me puts her in danger. She doesn’t know who or what I am. And I plan to keep it that way. 

  Because the truth could hurt her. 

  And so could I. 





  I’m a trained killer. An expert tracker.

  I’ve done despicable things. My soul is damaged. My body impaired. That’s what happens when you are a soldier for The Company. I was discharged a year ago. Now I am a dreg. Worthless. With a bounty on my head. I've become a creature of the night, hiding in an underground maze during the day. Because I’m not ready to die yet.

  She comes to me one night, needing my help to find her sister. The moment I see her, I want her. Her goodness calls to me, makes me yearn for the impossible. She brings life back to the deadness inside me. I’m no good for her. I will do nothing but corrupt her. But I’m a callous bastard. I can’t resist her.

  I try not to care for her, but somehow she slips under my skin. She makes me weak. And there is only one thing in this world I am afraid of. Weakness.

  I’ll never be good enough for her, so I have to finish this job and send her on her way.

  Before she destroys me.                                                         

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