What do I have planned for the future?

First, Tony's story in The Dregs series, The Smuggler, coming October 1, 2018...                                                



Here's the blurb: 




 As a soldier, that was the thing I dreaded most. Being discharged. War, fighting, and killing were my life. What I did best.


 But now I’d been discharged. My physical injuries were minuscule. But my mental injuries were severe. PTSD. That’s what they said. I was messed up inside. Loco. So now I am a dreg. With nothing to do. No purpose in life. I will waste away like this. I need action. I need violence. I need war.


 I find all of that when a gorgeous redhead tricks me. She’s a bounty hunter. How did I not see that one coming? Now I am a captive. Chained like a beast. I will escape. I will get revenge and make her pay. I will get the violence I crave.


 Then she frees me. And the tables turn. Now I’m in charge. She’s my prisoner. I can’t lose this battle. I won’t let her win. Because losing means she’s taken something from me, something I don’t want to admit I even had to begin with.  


 A heart.  



And after that, Logan's story in The Trainer: 

(blurb  coming soon)

Then Noah's story in the Hacker:

(blurb coming soon)

Then Ryan's story in The Extractor...

And finally, Luke's story in The Enforcer. 

(I will update with blurbs and covers soon...) 



That's all for now. An eight-book series will take me a couple of years to write. But I have many exciting and suspenseful things planned for this series. Eight hunky warriors. Eight strong heroines. Eight HEAs. 

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