What do I have planned for the future?

First, Logan's story in The Dregs series, The Trainer, coming January 1, 2019 (or sooner)...                                                



Here's the blurb: 


   Language is my passion. I excel in linguistics. I can “train” myself to learn any language on the planet. In minutes. Or less. You won’t get anything past me, no matter what language you’re speaking.

     Being a dreg means I have a bounty on my head, so I conduct all my business under cover of darkness. One night I return from fueling up my truck to find an Asian beauty hiding in the bed. One look into her stunning, almond-shaped eyes, her exquisitely exotic features, and I’m a goner. I will do anything for this woman.

    Then I discover her daddy is the leader of one of the most powerful gangs in Augusta—the Black Dragons. Is she really as innocent as she seems? Or have I been set up?

    Now I'm a target. I've intercepted a major deal. Her daddy is furious and wants her back. The gangs are coming for her.

    But they’ll have to get through me first. Because now that I’ve found her, I’m not giving her up. 


And after that, Noah's story in the Hacker:


(blurb coming soon)                                                                                 ____    

Then Ryan's story in The Extractor...                   


 ____                                                                                                                                                                                                                 And finally, Luke's story in The Enforcer. 


(I will update with blurbs soon...) 


Eight hunky warriors. Eight strong heroines. Eight HEAs. 


After that, I'm working on a two-book series about best friends turned enemies who are now in competition with each other. And the two strong, courageous women who love them: one who is responsible for pushing them apart, the other who forces them to reunite. Will they realize their past mistakes? Or will the feud intensify, causing them to destroy each other? Who will win the battle? Or will they both come out losers? This series will be darker romantic suspense (similar to the Dregs, except without the military aspect). More to come on this series in the near future... 

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