What do I have planned for the future?

First, Noah's story in The Dregs series, The Hacker, coming May 1, 2019...                                                



Here's the blurb: 


   My dreg name is The Hacker. I’m an IT expert, an information seeker. I can hack into any electronic device. No matter your secrets, I will find them. I will use those secrets to exploit you, if necessary. Nothing is safe from me. There is no other hacker in the world with my abilities.

   Then I discover someone is researching me.

   Senator Collins’ daughter is on to me. She’s an investigative reporter on the hunt for the truth surrounding her father’s death. She knows I was somehow involved. She’s threatening to come find me. To make me suffer. She won’t stop until she gets her story.  

   I have a choice to make. I can scare her so badly that she gives up her investigation and stops looking into her father’s death.

   Or I can share the truth. About her father. About The Company. About the dregs. About everything.

   But if I let her into my life, into my heart, she could destroy me.

   How far will she go to get her story? And how much am I willing to reveal for an elusive chance at love?


Then Ryan's story in The Extractor...                   


 ____                                                                                                                                                                                                                 And finally, Luke's story in The Enforcer. 


(I will update with blurbs soon...) 



I have a new series planned after I complete the Dregs, and will reveal more about it in the near future. 

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