What do I have planned for the future?

First, Nate's story, The Healer, book 3 in THE DREGS series, which will be available August 1, 2018. Here's the cover:                                                                           


And the blurb:


 Violence has been a part of my life since my early teens. But I’m a peacemaker at heart. I fix things. I heal the wounded.

 Being a dreg means I’ve spent most of my life as a prisoner, a soldier for The Company doing despicable things. I can’t change the past or what I’ve done. But I can control who I am today.  

 I’ve always followed the rules. Always. Until the one time I didn’t.


 I gave my phone number to a complete stranger. I broke a rule that would prove detrimental to my safety and the safety of my dreg brothers. I thought I was just helping a woman in need. I didn’t even consider the consequences of that action.


 And now the dominoes are falling, one by one…


 For her, I would break the rules. For her, I wanted to be a hero. To change the world. But being a hero comes at a cost. 


 Am I willing to risk it all for a woman who could ruin me and everything I believe in? 





And later, Tony's story in The Smuggler...                                                


Here's the blurb: 



 As a soldier, that was the thing I dreaded most. Being discharged. War, fighting, and killing were my life. What I did best.

 But now I’d been discharged. My physical injuries were minuscule. But my mental injuries were severe. PTSD. That’s what they said. I was messed up inside. Loco. So now I am a dreg. With nothing to do. No purpose in life. I will waste away like this. I need action. I need violence. I need war.

 I find all of that when a gorgeous redhead tricks me. She’s a bounty hunter. How did I not see that one coming? Now I am a captive. Chained like a beast. I will escape. I will get revenge and make her pay. I will get the violence I crave.

 Then she frees me. And the tables turn. Now I’m in charge. She’s my prisoner. I can’t lose this battle. I won’t let her win. Because losing means she’s taken something from me, something I don’t want to admit I even had to begin with.  

 A heart.  



And after that, Ryan's story in The Extractor:                                         



Here's the blurb: 


  I’m a player. A ladies’ man. I use my good looks and my charm to bang as many women as I can. It’s a game to me. Seduction. Luring women into my bed. Because none of them can resist me. It’s not their fault. I am irresistible. They all want me. Every last one of them.

   Until I meet one who doesn’t.

   She’s lying, of course. She wants me. Just like all the others. Except my charm won’t work on her. My good looks don’t seduce her. She’s immune to me.

   And I can’t stand it. The harder I push, the stronger she pulls. Now I’m the hunter and she’s my prey. I’m going to catch her. She’s going to give in. I’m going to show her the seducer always seduces.

   I think she’s falling right into my carefully laid trap. Except, I’m the one who gets snared. It’s no longer a game. It’s real. Now I want more than just her body. I want her heart.  

   But can a girl like her ever love a player like me? 




And then, Luke's story in The Enforcer: 



Here's the blurb: 

  One by one, my dreg brothers have been falling in love and moving away. Even my partner. The biggest player on the planet. Go figure. I never thought he’d fall for a woman.

 Yeah, I’m cynical. I don’t believe in love. Who needs emotions, anyway? I’m a cold bastard. There’s darkness raging inside me. I crave violence. I use sex as a physical release to help purge the discord inside me. Willing bodies are easy to find. Women see my handsome face and my bulging muscles and they beg me to take them.

  Except for the hot bartender. She’s indifferent. This bothers me. I want her to notice me. I want her to think I’m hot. I want her, and dammit, I’m not stopping until I have her.  

   But she brushes me off. Again and again. Until one night, I corner her. I push and push until she’s forced to admit she wants me.

   I think I’m in control of the situation. But I’m wrong. She’s in control.

   Of everything. 




And the final two covers. Blurbs will be added as I finish each one. 






That's all for now. An eight-book series will take me a couple of years to write. But I have many exciting and suspenseful things planned for this series. Eight hunky warriors. Eight strong heroines. Eight HEAs. 

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